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Water Pumps

We are well equipped to deliver pumping solutions both for home use and the construction Industry, please call us with your requirements. We stock a wide range of pumps and hoses.

Please call our Hire Team on 01993 708020.

Alternatively you are very welcome to visit our shop in Witney Oxfordshire, where you will also find a comprehensive stock of Power Tools, Hand Tools, Spares and Consumables, Work Wear including a wide range of Safety Clothing and Foot Wear.

Below you will find a selection of pumps for hire from our fleet:-

Warsop Metrix  2" Submersible Water Pump 110V

Hilta (Miles)        3" Diesal Diaphragm Water Pump

Liberator 400 TT Pumps2" Submersible Water Pump 110V

2" Submersible Pump (Trash Pump) 110v             

2" Petrol Water Pump   

2" Sub Pump 225 Ltr p/m             

3" Petrol Water Pump   

1" Puddle Pump 109 Ltr p/m       c/w 10M Lay Flat Hose

2" Sub Pump 225 Ltr p/m           c/w 10M Lay Flat Hose