Tel. 01993 708020
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We stock a selection of Water and Fuel Bowsers for hire.

Please call our Plant Hire Team on 01993 708020.

The following is a selection of the Bowsers we have on our fleet for hire:-

Fuel Bowsers

100 Litre Fuel Caddi

100 Litre Add Blue Caddi

225 Bund Drum Fuel Bowser

1000 Litre Static Fuel Bowser

1000 Litre Site Tow Fuel Bowser

1000 Litre Highway Tow Fuel Bowser

Please note our 1000 litre Fuel Bowsers can be moved without the need for external fuel licences (Hazchem)

Water Bowsers

250 Gallons (1136.5 Litres) Site Tow Water Bowsers

250 Gallons (1136.5 Litres) Highway Tow Water Bowsers

250 Gallons (1136.5 Litres) Pressure Washer Water Bowsers